Whatsapp introduces social media video calling to its users


Whatsapp is among the most popular social platforms around the globe. It was initially a messaging app that a lot of people are using around the globe. It takes your mobile number and let you set up the account using it. Then, you can text to anyone just by ensuring that it is connected to the internet. Starting from the texts to sending videos and photos, you can do a lot of things with it. Recently, the ownership of whatsapp was transferred and new facilities are now being introduced to its users. The call feature in whatsapp is also introduced a while ago and now, it has been turned into Video Calling. Yes, the whatsapp introduces social media video calling to its users.

What is it?

It is similar to any video calling feature. You might be using skype already or the apps like IMO and messenger for video calling. However, this time, it is whatsapp that you are using and you are proceeding with the video call. You make call to your loved one that means that your voice communication is established. This is a genuine calling feature. And when you add video to it in order to make this video calling, it means that you are actually sending your live video along with the call.

The app uses camera of your mobile in order to record live video of you. The video, along with your voice, is sent to the person with whom you are creating. It is a lot like live programs that you see on TV. You get to see what is actually happening through the video that is appearing in front of you. Along with that, you get to hear the voices as well that will tell you what they are speaking. This feature can be used by both parties simultaneously when they are communicating. So, the person with whom you are talking get to see your video and hear your voice and vice versa.

Benefits of video calling through whatsapp

You have your loved ones away from you and you cannot go to meet them on regular basis. What will you do? The video calling is best alternative that you can have. It is a feature that will make you appear right at the place at the moment in front of your beloved ones. All you need is an internet connection and an account on whatsapp. So, you can contact the ones that you love and make them feel that you are sitting right there in front of them.

Moreover, not only to your family but it is also of great importance to business circles as well. Save your time by establishing the video call connection to the ones whom you need to contact. Face to face interaction will help you in better understanding of work as well as you can convey your message more appropriately. You can hold meetings over it if you like.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the whatsapp and ensure that you have its latest version in order to use video calling feature.