Is Instagram a subsidiary of Facebook?


Now-a-days, there are a number of social websites which are used by people. Facebook and Instagram is one of those mostly using websites but most of the people consider that Instagram and Facebook as one because these two social media websites are interconnected with one another. When a user post pictures on Instagram then it can be easily seen on Facebook. So, it can say that these Instagram and Facebook are interconnected.

Things you need to know about Instagram

If you are a user of Instagram, then there are few things which you need to know about Instagram. Instagram is an application where you can add your videos and pictures. It can easily be seen on Facebook but you have to active the required option. Actually, the same company owns the Facebook and Instagram. A number of people ask this question so it should be known that it is true. It is a very small world and it happens because of social media. Most of the people worry that the ownership of the Facebook makes some changes in the interface of Instagram. People don’t want any kind of change in the Instagram because they are quite familiar with the interface and did not want any change.

The point of view of owners: The CEOs of the both platforms assures that Instagram and Facebook remain the same because it is their responsibility of keep in mind that the people should not have any kind of problem with the services provide by them. There are many words but it is not known that they will keep their word. It can only be confirming as the time passes.

Changes you could see: If the ownership of changes then there are few changes which are expected. Facebook has photo function and these photos can be seen on Instagram. This function could be changing. Even if the platform does not get plucked into the Facebook experience. There may be some noticeable upgrades. May be the process of uploading the videos and photos changes. The company is still experimenting with the photo filters provided by the Instagram and it is expected to be changed in one way or another.

The ideal changing for Instagram are much less certain. The most important feature of Instagram is the photo sharing and it is said by Zuckerberg that this will not change. It is very hard to imagine this function to be changed. Photos are displayed on the wall and some selective photos can be seen. It is also expected that this function can also be changed

Therefore, there are a lot of news in the air about this changing of ownership. The owners did not want any kind of change in the both of these applications but it is expected that some of the function might be changed if needed. Now, it is not confirming that which function of Instagram can be changed. People did not want any kind of change because they are used to current functions.


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